Does Acrylic Paint Wash Off from Jeans

It might be difficult to remove stains from acrylic paint. Fortunately, jeans can withstand some wear and tear as you work to remove the stain. Washing it with dish soap while the stain is still wet is the best approach to get rid of it. Rub alcohol on it if it’s dried, or use turpentine or paint thinner to get rid of a really tough stain.

Are Acrylic Paint Marks On Clothes Permanent?

When acrylic paint is still wet or before being exposed to heat, it won’t stay on garments indefinitely. After washing and drying, the acrylic paint will heat up and be very difficult to remove. This is why many fabric painters use heat to etch acrylic artwork permanently onto fabric.

Although acrylic paint is water-resistant when dry and won’t wash out of fabric easily, it is not waterproof until a particular sealant is applied on top of it. This is why you wouldn’t want to wear an untreated fabric-art jacket outside in the rain!

The paint, which is essentially plastic, is water-soluble when wet and doesn’t become plasticky and water-resistant until it dries. Furthermore, it dries really quickly.

How to get acrylics out of clothes: find out simple ways here

paint stains on jeans

Let’s discuss in more detail about the methods to remove Acrylic Paint.

Methods to Wash off Acrylic Paint

  • While acrylic paint is still wet, remove it.

Using a table knife or another instrument, remove any extra paint. Make every effort to remove all of the paint off the jeans. To remove excess paint from a large dollop, rub the area with a table knife or another smooth implement.

To remove the wet paint, run some water over it. In order for the stain to be on the inside, flip your jeans inside out. Let the water flow through the fabric of your jeans as you hold them up to the faucet. The majority of the wet paint should be removed using this. While rinsing it with warm water, massage the paint with your fingers.

Use a solution of warm water and dish soap to blot the stain. Fill a cup halfway with dishwashing soap and warm water. After adding the soap, add an old rag and stir. As the stain absorbs it, rub it into the stain while re-dipping the rag in the water.

Wash the jeans as usual after flushing out the stain. To remove the paint and soap, run running water over the area. Try the procedure once more or choose a different method if the stain is still there. Throw your jeans in the washer on a regular cycle if the paint has been removed.

removing acrylics from jeans by washing

  • Working with Rubbing Alcohol on Dried Acrylic Paint

With a butter knife, scratch the paint. To remove extra paint, scrape it back and forth over the stain. However, avoid gouging the fabric as this could result in a divot or hole in your jeans.

Use water to clean the spot. Hold the jeans under warm running water while turning them inside out. If the paint is already dry, this might not do much, but it could be able to release any chunks that aren’t firmly attached to the surface.

Use rubbing alcohol to scrub the stain. Denim should be turned inside out. Rub the dried paint with a toothbrush, a clean cloth, or a cotton ball that has been dampened in rubbing alcohol. Continue scrubbing back and forth, dipping sometimes into the rubbing alcohol. 

If you’re using a toothbrush, when it gets painted over, wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Simply replace the rags or cotton balls you are using.

Rinse the stain, then wash your jeans. Flip the jeans back inside out. Keep the area wet until all of the paint has been removed. If there is any remaining stain, consider pretreating it with detergent before washing the item. Run a quick load of jeans.

To avoid the paint getting on anything else, always wash soiled garments by itself.


  • A Paint Remover’s Method

With a butter knife, remove any extra dried paint. Butter knife edge across painted surface. Any additional paint should flake off as you work. As the flakes come off, toss them away; however, don’t rub too vigorously as this could harm the cloth.

To make the paint on the inside visible, turn your jeans inside out. In this manner, the stain can be removed from the back. Now is not the time to attempt to rinse the stain with water because doing so would just dilute the paint remover.

At this stage, you might wish to put on gloves to safeguard your hands.

To absorb any extra liquid, place some paper towels beneath the spot. Old rags that you don’t mind discarding are another option. In any case, you require something behind the stain to prevent paint and paint remover from spreading everywhere.

Use turpentine or paint thinner to blot the stain. Fill a disposable container, like a yogurt container or an old can, with the chemical. Dab the back of the stain with cotton balls or an old rag after dipping them in the solution. Move the cloth or towels so you’re working on a clean surface if paint is going on your rag or the towels underneath. If necessary, you can also substitute paper towels or cotton balls.

If the stain won’t come out, scrub the area with a toothbrush. Make sure you have a thick layer of paper towels behind the stain before applying some of the chemical directly to it. In a circular motion, go over the stain with the brush back and forth.

Use some of the cleaning agent and an old rag or paper towel to clean off your brush if it becomes too heavily caked with paint.

Use paper towels to absorb the chemical. In front of the stain, place fresh paper towels. To remove as much of the chemical as possible, dab at the discoloration. If your paper towels become too saturated with the chemical to pick up any more, replace them.

Just like you typically would, wash your jeans. Scrub the area with a little washing detergent after the paint has been removed. After that, wash and cycle through a pair of jeans in the washing machine before drying them. 

As an alternative, you can get it cleaned by a professional using POG, an oil-based stain remover for cleaning paint, oil, and grease.

Material required to Remove Acrylic paint from Jeans

  • Cleaning soap
  • Butter Knife
  • Rag

Working with Rubbing Alcohol on Dried Acrylic Paint

  • bread knife
  • Rub alcohol with
  • Brush, squeaky clean cloth, or cotton ball
  • washing detergent

Using a Butter knife to remove paint

  • An old rag or paper towels
  • Paint thinner or turpentine
  • Gloves
  • Cotton spheres
  • toothbrush, if desired
  • washing detergent


Any of the techniques listed above can be used to fairly simply remove acrylic paint from clothing, including blotting a fresh stain with dish soap and water, soaking the stain in isopropyl alcohol, and washing the stain with an ammonia, vinegar, and salt solution.

if you are interested in knowing how to remove acrylics from canvas then read it out here for making your canvas clean once again for painting beautiful art work on it.

With that stated, unless you use one of these unique treatments, acrylic paint is probably not going to come off of garments in the wash. In addition, working with dried acrylic paint is more difficult. However, you can also remove dry paint from your clothes and brushes with a little work.

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