How to dull glossy finish

Metal completions for floating stairs and other home furniture, as well as car, are quite glossy in finish as compared to other furniture. Or on the other hand you might have picked a sparkle metal just to choose later that it is excessively gleaming or strong.

But if you think you have gone wrong in your decision of choosing a glossy finish of paint over matte, do not worry; you can dull its finish easily.  Do this with a fluid de-glosser to cut the sparkle of the completion followed by an unmistakable matte stain or topcoat to refine and save it.

If you end up being a carpenter, you’ve most likely been confronted with the issue of dulling a polished completion. Perhaps the completion you’ve showered isn’t as you would prefer; maybe it’s glossier than you could have anticipated. An excess of shine isn’t generally something worth being thankful for. That is the reason you’re here attempting to figure out how to dull a polished completion, correct?


Despite the fact that getting a glossy finish is easy, attempting to dull a completion that is too lustrous can be an incredible problem. A few tenderfoots could try and be scared with the eventual result of leaving the completion for what it’s worth.

Nonetheless, we’ll show you several ways that will make this interaction a lot simpler to do so you can get the completion you need with minimal measure of exertion.

Instructions to Dull a Glossy Finish

Sooner or later, every carpenter will experience a paint finish that is glossier than they’d like. Perhaps you picked a splash of colour that didn’t turn out how you trusted. Or on the other hand maybe you got a handed down piece and need to refresh its look.

Anyway, taking the extra gloss out of your art work/wood work is quite possible. But you’ve got to get an experienced wood worker/painter to make it happen smoothly. For the most part, it requires a bit of real effort. In any case, when done well, the outcome tries totally advantageous.

changing of finishes can happen many times when you don’t like to outcome like when you tend to use exterior paint for inside jobs, or buy paint which is too glossy for your room aesthetics etc.

Besides, regardless of whether it’s a little work concentrated, that mean getting an alternate look is troublesome. If you really want to dull a polished completion, here are some important steps that need to be followed. 

This is What You Will Need

To dull a glossy finish, there is more than one approach to making it happen. Nonetheless, we’ll list everything you could require, yet contingent upon the strategy you pick, you probably won’t require every one of them. Here is the general rundown of hand devices that you could require:

  • First Method: Sanding Out the Gloss

This is the principal strategy you ought to go to with regards to dulling a glossy finish. It ought to get the job done fine and dandy. Nonetheless, if you’re as yet not content with the outcome, you can constantly attempt an alternate strategy. The beneficial thing about the procedure of sanding out the gleam is that it permits you to do different techniques too.

Similarly, this technique includes sanding out layers of the glossy finish, so you should be wary while you’re applying this strategy. But, you ought to be cautious as you would sand out through the layer and harm the wood rather which is the last thing you need.

  • Sanding

If you’re managing a thick completion, you can begin with coarse sandpaper, something like 200 or 300 grit. Then continue to add some mineral spirits or foamy water to the piece surface. With everything that is accomplished, you can start sanding the surface. All you really want is one speedy once-finished, and you’re all set. Whenever you’re finished, wipe down the surface and do a similar cycle with the following grit.

sanding for dull finish

If you don’t have any idea how thick the completion you’re managing is, it’s ideal to utilize a higher grit as a sanity check and try not to harm the wood. Higher grit sandpaper won’t eliminate however much lower grit sandpaper, so it’s more secure. For this, you can begin by utilizing 400 grit sandpaper.

Whenever you’ve started utilizing 600 grit sandpaper, continue to clean the surface and analyze the outcome. If you’re happy with the result you have, you can wrap things up by cleaning the surface, and there you have it! Your work is finished.

Nonetheless, if you’ve dulled the completion more than whatever you needed, continue to sand with the higher grit sandpapers. You really want to get going by utilizing wet sanding with 800 grit sandpaper until you’re content with the outcome. If the surface is still excessively dull for your taste, you can continue on toward utilizing 1000 grit, then 1200 grit until you’re content with the outcome.

  • Polishing

If buffing is done on to the completion of the wood, then, at that point, you can begin utilizing a finishing compound to cure the issue.

Use buffing on a polishing cushion that is joined to your orbital sander, and afterward begin cleaning the surface. In the first place, you should begin with a coarse cleaning compound. You don’t have to apply any additional strain to your sander. It ought to accomplish the work for you.

Whenever you’re finished with buffing/polishing, continue to clean the surface with a delicate fabric and sudsy water. Do this process again yet with better cleaning compound.

To remove hard stain from wooden decks and polish it latest as per your requirement you can read out this post for the same purpose.

  • Second Method: Sanding and Refinishing

Assuming you followed the primary technique you’re as yet not content with the outcomes, sit back and relax. By utilizing this technique, you’re ensured to get the completion you need!

Above all else, you’ll have to dispose of the cleaning compound you utilized beforehand. To do this, you’ll have to utilize a dissolvable like naphtha or whatever’s comparable. After you’ve done this, use about 220 grit sandpaper to smoothen the base.

Before you spray the finish, really look at the surface to ensure it’s dry and clean. When that’s what you do, delicately shower a layer of the completion you’ve picked on the piece. The completion you’ve picked will decide the degree of shine.

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Removing overabundance sparkle from the sky is the limit, yet it requires real effort. However, when done well, the outcomes put forth the attempt beneficial.

If you really want to know how to dull a polished completion, here are far to hush up.


Sanding a gleaming paint finish might be the best answer for dulling it. This technique permits you to physically eliminate a portion of the last material. It likewise roughens the surface, eliminating sparkle.

Sanding likewise offers you amazing control. The grit you use decides how cleaned the surface is. The better the grit, the more blunt the completion.

Eminently, sanding isn’t without risk. If you don’t have the foggiest idea how profound the serious shine finish is, you could go the whole way through. That may not be your goal, so tread carefully.

Begin by tenderly wet sanding or utilizing sandpaper with mineral spirits on the current completion. Then, sand the surface equally utilizing 400 grit sandpaper. Assuming the completion is thicker, begin with 220 or 300 grit.

matte finish wall

Dull a Glossy Finish Using Refinishing

Eliminate Polishing Compound

  • If you utilized a cleaning compound, eliminate it first. If you decide, you can utilize one more dissolvable rather than naphtha.
  • Then sand the thing utilizing 220 grit sandpaper. This will roughen up the ongoing completion and assist the new coat with sticking.

Blotching and Drying

  • Since this strategy includes another completion, the hardwood surface should be painstakingly cleaned and dried. In any case, anticipate fair results.
  • Start by cleaning down the surface. Try not to involve substance cleaners as they may not blend well in with the complete the process of, bringing about an unfortunate outcome.

Apply New Finish

  • Apply a light layer of new completion. A slight coat dries quicker.
  • In just 30 minutes, you might have a fair feeling of the end-product.
  • Then, whenever wanted, apply a subsequent light coat. Permit it to dry. Then, at that point, apply a third light coat if essential.

The Bottom Line – 

Eventually, if you are attempting to sort out some way to dull a glossy finish, the steps above are your most ideal choices. Normally, beginning with the primary methodology is the least expensive, and it isn’t substantially more work serious than a resurfacing. checkout weather you paint would get dark or light color post drying in our guide.


FAQs –

Can you cover glossy finish paint with matte finish paint?

You cannot cover the glossy paint with matte finish paint. However, you can cut down the gloss and shine of the paint to matte or semi-matte look. 

Is it easy to change the hi-shine and glossy effect to matte effect?

It is not easy as the steps involved are tedious. But, you can definitely convert your glossy finish paint to matte effect. 

How can you de-gloss the paint without sanding?

Indeed, you can cover up a hi-shine without sanding. Begin by cleaning the shiny surface with sugar cleanser and water. When it’s totally dry, scrape it with a de-glosser and let it dry for no less than 10 minutes. From that point onward, apply a reasonable groundwork and afterward paint.

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