Can Acrylic Painting be Hung on Bathroom walls

Of course, you can! When compared to certain paint, acrylic is less susceptible to moisture and is also incredibly elastic and durable. My own artworks hang in bathrooms without causing any harm. But since the painting’s back will probably be made of canvas, a lot of moisture could perhaps encourage the growth of mold and other undesirable organisms.

 It’s always a good idea to have enough ventilation in any bathroom and to use the ventilation. Simple precautions like turning on the fan while bathing and leaving the door open afterward can help to prevent these issues. Such a risk should not be taken with extremely pricey paintings.

Can you hang Acrylic Painting in Bathroom arena

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably decorated every room in your home except for the bathroom. Is it safe to hang an acrylic painting in there given the amount of moisture and temperature fluctuations there? Yes, it is the answer. If you frame it with backing and glass, it will be fine. It shouldn’t merely be hung without any glass protection. It would start to harm and warp.

This page addresses several concerns concerning framing the painting behind glass and other solutions, as well as safety precautions to ensure that it remains intact while hanging in your bathroom.

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Some claim, however, that nothing happened when they left their acrylic paintings in their bathrooms entirely uncovered. They merely stated that each time they cleaned their bathroom, they would wipe down the picture with a cloth.

If your bathroom has a vent, that would also be beneficial because it will assist keep the steam to a minimum. I personally have this glass photo frame in each of my restrooms.

It’s excellent since it comes in all the sizes you need, from 5 by 7 to a big 24 by 36. To learn more about Amazon, go here. In order to ensure that no moisture entered the rear, I also purchased a sealer. All of my paintings are currently in excellent condition.

Hanging Acrylic Paintings: Some Tips

Humidity will be your largest challenge when exhibiting art in your bathroom, as I’ve already explained. Moisture can severely discolor artwork and matting, especially if it becomes trapped behind the glass. I advise sticking with affordable things if you’re at all concerned about damage, especially artwork on canvas or anything without glass or glazing

Do not keep windows and doors shut

To prevent moisture buildup, make sure to keep your doors and windows open. Another option for removing the moisture from the space is to turn on a fan.

Avoid Choosing a Complex Configuration

I recommend plain metal, wood, or plastic frames when deciding how to exhibit your artwork. Some frame designs can restrict airflow and starve your acrylic.

Should a Glass-Framed Acrylic Painting Be Created?

Even while you might want to keep your acrylic painting secure, a glass frame may not be necessary to do so. If you want to hang an acrylic painting in your bathroom, I suggested framing it with a backing in the section above.

However, you really don’t need a glass frame for it if you’re just hanging it in your living room or bedroom. Since acrylic paint is so resilient, having to dust the frame and glass would only add to your workload.

Acrylic paintings that are not done on canvases are something I like to glass frame. Sometimes I use very thick paper or those thin cardboard canvases, and I think a glass frame would make it seem prettier in my living room. If your artwork is not on a canvas, it gives the paper or card extra protection in addition to appearing nice. The card or paper the painting is on needs to be safeguarded, not the acrylic paint itself.

Glazing your picture is an alternative to framing it. When finished, simply spray a gloss sealer over your painting to finish it off. Remember to use aerosols outside or in an area with excellent ventilation at all times.

I hope this post has provided you with all the information you need to display your acrylic and even oil paintings. As always, be sure to read my other posts and peruse some of my top recommendations on my Recommended Products page.


The benefits and drawbacks of hanging an acrylic painting in a restroom


  • It’s a great idea to give your bathroom a cheerier look and feel.
  • It might be a nice way to incorporate color and style.
  • can be utilized to update the appearance of an outdated bathroom.


  • If there isn’t enough room for the painting and bathroom equipment like lighting, towel racks, etc., hanging an acrylic painting in the bathroom may be challenging.
  • Due to the humidity, there is a very significant risk of water damage.
  • There is a chance that artwork will fade from exposure to dampness and water vapor.
  • Cleaning a bathroom after hanging an acrylic painting can be challenging.

Can Canvas Art Be Hung in the Bathroom? It is secure.

Yes, you can do that, but be sure to hang it so that water won’t get in contact with the paint.

You will need to follow essentially the same procedure as acrylic paints in order to do that. Create a glass top frame out of metal or plastic and apply a sealant coat to preserve the artwork from moisture. If you want to save some money, you can also utilize a wooden frame with the proper varnish.

Will a bathroom damage a canvas print?

It makes sense that the paint from a canvas print on your bathroom wall will eventually be absorbed by the porous surfaces. One of the most frequent causes of cracked or damaged artwork, this absorption process has been shown to induce warping. Always choose waterproof paint when choosing artwork for your bathroom to avoid this issue.

Since acrylic paint is water-soluble and will fade over time when exposed to humidity, it is preferable to hang images that are unpainted in the bathroom. A waterproof coating on canvas prints or frames is another possibility for hanging art.

How tall should photos be hung in the bathroom?

The ideal picture hanging height is at or just slightly over eye level (in increments of about three feet). The same principle holds true whether they are being utilized as teaching tools in an office setting or displayed as part of your home’s décor.

Instead of grouping the frames together along one border, hang the frames evenly from one side to the other to maintain the equilibrium of the vertical and horizontal lines. Don’t forget about natural lighting either; consider where you’ll put your pictures in relation to windows so that they may be properly lit to display their colors and intricacies.

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There are many various reasons why individuals desire to hang artwork in their bathrooms, regardless of where they reside.

They might wish to update their bathroom because it needs a makeover or because they have a new baby and need the area to be cheerier. Regardless matter the cause, one of the most frequently asked questions concerning acrylic painting is whether or not it can be used in restrooms.

You can get advice on whether or not to hang an acrylic painting in the bathroom from this post. Additionally, it offers a general overview of the various ways that canvas paintings can be placed in the space.

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