What Is The Difference Between Acrylic & Latex Paint

As a DIY mortgage holder, you’ll be confronted with a ton of choices during your home work of art project.

For instance:

  • What tone?
  • What finish?
  • What brand of paint?

Another query you’ll have to address is, “Between acrylic versus plastic paint, which one would it be a good idea for me to utilize?

The present moment, there are three kinds of paints available. They are oil, acrylic, and plastic based paints. Oil-based paints have since been become dim throughout recent years leaving the primary choices like acrylic and plastic.

There are many DIY kits available in the market for latex and acrylic paints. But being a first time painter, you need to know where the major difference lies between both the kinds of paints.

Realizing the distinction can save you a great deal of time, make your task run smoother, and permit you to zero in your experience on picking the right tone for your venture as opposed to stressing over paint types.

Find out Difference Between Acrylic paint & Latex Paint


What Is Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is made of shade suspended in an acrylic polymer arrangement and acrylic pitch. They are compound based importance they become water-safe when they dry. This moment, acrylic paints are the most well known.

Acrylic paint dries incredibly rapidly. This might be a benefit in the event that you’re painting a more modest area, however this will make painting bigger regions more troublesome. It doesn’t blend well in with oil-based paints and will not stick to a wall recently painted with oil paint.

What are Acrylic Paints Used For?

These paints can be utilized on paper, wood, fabric, skin, material, mortar; ceramics, from there, the sky is the limit – making them an ideal mode for DIY occupations around the home or up cycling furniture. Likewise being generally reasonable, acrylics are a strong and simple medium to utilize.

An additional advantage of acrylic is that they are breathable, implying that once dry they have a higher protection from sun or water harm. These paints have a flexible quality which permits them to extend and contract, making them incredible to use for open air work like painting on your nails and they won’t blur over the long haul.

acrylic paints for different uses
Image courtesy: Buse; source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/top-view-photo-of-art-materials-on-wooden-table-4276083/

Advantages of Acrylic versus Latex Paint

Acrylics are sturdier and will better stick to both indoor and outside surfaces than your plastic paints will. They are not difficult to apply to permeable surfaces making them a superb choice for wood and other furniture recharging.

Acrylics are extremely simple to utilize and apply; they stream onto the surface and give a rich variety range to work with. These paints will likewise not be impacted by climate or environment conditions and changes.

Here are the primary benefits of utilizing acrylic paint:

  • The synthetic substances in acrylic paint make it have more prominent flexibility. This implies the paint will extend and contract appropriately as temperatures change. This decreases how much chipping and breaking. This makes it incredible for outside painting projects.
  • Acrylic paints are tougher and durable than latex paints. At the same time, they are a bit over priced as compared to latex. However the end product tends to reflect its price, correct?
  • One more advantage of utilizing acrylic paint in your outside projects is their protection from the sun. This places them a stage above plastic paints and miles in front of oil-based paints.

What Is Latex Paint?

It is also called as plastic paint in some countries, so here we may also use term plastic paint below to describe latex paint and its difference from acrylics.

Latex is a water-based paint. Like acrylic paint, it is produced using acrylic pitch. Not at all like acrylic, is it prescribed to utilize plastic paint while painting bigger regions. Not on the grounds that it dries more slowly, but since it’s normally bought in bigger amounts.

What is Latex Paint Used For?

The two mediums are utilized for various home décor stuffs and DIYS. They are also used to paint single doors and walls of your balcony or guest room to make them more artistic. Plastic is normally utilized for covering bigger regions as it is sold in greater amounts than acrylics.

One more benefit of utilizing plastic paints is that they by and large don’t have a smell being water-based. This makes them more durable and non-harmful to youngsters, pets, or skin.

latex paint uses on wall
image courtesy: Anastasia; source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-young-boy-painting-on-the-wall-6966353/

Advantages of Using Latex versus Acrylic Paint

Beside the low smell and low harmfulness, plastic paints are great indoor paint choices as they will more often than not keep up with their varieties after some time and opposes chalking. This would be a decent medium to utilize while painting regions with high stickiness or dampness levels.

A plastic paint goes about as a sealer for the surface and will forestall the development of shape and different organisms. It should be painted on a dry surface anyway for best outcomes like stain removed wood decks, doors, furniture etc. This adaptable artistic creation medium can be utilized on many surfaces including wood, block, metal, and concrete. 

Here are the primary benefits of utilizing plastic paint:

  • It’s simpler to apply plastic paint to a surface and it dries significantly quicker. As we said before, this is a benefit in the event that your composition a little region likes a room or washroom.
  • Plastic is less expensive than acrylic paint.
  • Plastic paint is simpler to tidy up with cleanser and water.
  • Plastic paint is more secure to use since it produces less exhaust (actually utilize appropriate ventilation no matter what the kind of paint you use)
  • Plastic paint normally covers with less covers. Not certain what number of coats to utilize? Ensure you read this article.

Contrast between Acrylic and Latex Paint

The primary contrast between the two paints is that acrylic paint is compound based and plastic paint is water-based. Since its substance based, the synthetic compounds in acrylic paint make it more versatile than plastic paint.

What’s the significance here?

The acrylic paint will contract and extend better compared to plastic paint.

Since Latex paint is water-based, it’s simpler to tidy up with cleanser and water. Acrylic paint needs acetones since it’s compound based. It’s compound structure additionally requires additional consideration while dealing with. You’ll need to guarantee your utilizing appropriate ventilation since acrylic paint can deliver risky exhaust.

acrylic paint is utilized often in craftsmanship and make beautiful paintings at home, can be used in craft work like for making party donuts cutouts etc., while latex paint is involved in something else for painting homes and business structures.

Acrylic Paint versus Latex: Quick Summary

Essential Uses: Due to its UV and water obstruction properties, 100 % acrylic is by and large utilized for outer application, while plastic, with its low VOCs, better inclusion properties, and convenience make it ideal for most inward applications.

Inclusion: Latex for the most part accomplishes preferable inclusion per coat over acrylic, requiring less layers of paint.

Strength and Durability: Acrylic paint has more noteworthy versatility, so dealing with temperature changes, forestalling breaking and peeling is better capable. It additionally better opposes scrapes and scratches.

Cost: Acrylic paints are altogether more costly than plastic paints.

Convenience: Latex paints produce not many VOCs, and that implies less ventilation is expected for safe use, and is more straightforward to perfect as they are water-based. Acrylic paints produce undeniably more exhaust and require paint remover for clean-ups. Plastic paints additionally dry all the more rapidly.

Might You at any point Mix Latex and Acrylic Paint?

Since both are water-solvent, you can blend acrylic paint with plastic paint without any problem. Basically blend the two paints and mix completely. Blending can be utilized to change the shade of the paint.

Artistic acrylic paints come in two structures: liquid acrylic and cylinder acrylic. You can utilize liquid acrylic paint to color plastic paint similarly as you would business coloring items. Simply blend limited quantities of liquid acrylic to your plastic and blend completely to change the variety.

Tube acrylics are thick artistic paint that has the consistency of a cream or moisturizer. This paint is thicker to show brush strokes and to take into account more fluctuated blending and mixing.

Blending tube acrylic paint with plastic paint is conceivable however requires somewhat more work. You’ll have to blend some water in with the cylinder acrylic paint to give it a more slender consistency, so it mixes appropriately with the plastic paint.

The Bottom Line – 

Understanding the distinction between acrylic paint and plastic paint is basic to pursuing the ideal choice for the right work.

Plastic paints are by a wide margin the most famous. There are quality plastic paint items for some kinds of uses, including both inside and outside positions. What’s more, plastic paints are omnipresent, accessible in any home improvement store from different makers.

Painting with latex and acrylics

FAQs – 

Are acrylic paints costly?

Yes, the acrylic paints are costlier that latex paints. This is because of their sturdiness and durability. You can also use acrylic paints on your exterior walls to give any DIY décor. 

What are latex paints?

Latex paints are also referred to as acrylic latex, because they contain plastic resins in them. These are made of polyvinyls so that it can create a smoother finish on walls and cabinets. 

Is latex a water based paint?

Yes, latext paints are highly soluble in water, thus making them water based paints. 

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