Different types of Kiln Shelves

Kilns comprise one of the most complex parts of the entire pottery-making procedure. But once potters become aware of the kiln’s power, they restart, taking this monotonous step a lot more seriously and incorporating great creative measures into it. here we will discuss more about Different types of Kiln Shelves to get better understanding about them.

But what is equally true is that this part of the pottery-making process requires you to purchase and set up expensive and complex equipment. You can even make them at home, depending on your requirements.

Once you have purchased the kiln, you must also get a kiln shelf. When you think of getting a kiln, you can think of many things, such as resistance, budget, firing temperature, and usage type. Again these are those similar factors that you will be considering while buying the shelf as well.


Why should you buy a kiln shelf?

Indeed the question arises of why you should buy a kiln shelf. A kiln shelf is a basic stand that supports the pottery firing process.

It gives a better finish.

Using a shelf ensures you get better finishing on your pottery. Pottery is the kind of craft that needs a perfect execution of each step. Not using the shelf can make it almost impossible to achieve the great quality baked pottery that defines a good crafting process.

It provides an easy foundation.

Shelves act as the foundation on which the kiln is erected. That is why they are easily one of the fixed points of baking Pottery. The kiln setup process is incomplete without the setting up of a shelf to sustain the kiln when it is baking the pottery.

Gives support to the firing process

Without a shelf, the heat will escape, and the firing process will take ages to complete. Indeed some advanced baking and firing techniques do not use a shelf, but they are all slow processes.

An essential to pottery making

As we have noted before, the shelf is an eventual foundation of the baking process. Without foundation, the baking process using a kiln is always by a suitable shelf that compliments the process.

What are kiln shells made up of?

Understanding the usage and mechanism of the kiln shelf is a little complex because of the simple fact that many high-grade metals and setup procedures are used to create the shelf. These include Therma-Lites, Corelite, High-Alumina, Nitride Bonded, and Oxide Bonded shelves.

How to choose the perfect kiln shelf?

How will you decide which kiln shelf will work best for you? Kiln shapes and sizes, along with their temperature requirements, form the foundational knowledge based on which kiln shelves are chosen.


Temperature for kilns is measured in cones. Depending on your pottery type, you might require medium to very high kiln temperatures for the best results. But all shelves withstand temperatures of that level. Most standard shells cannot withstand a temperature higher than cone 8 or 10. So if you need a higher temperature, you might have to purchase a better shelf.

Glaze dripping

Glazed dripping refers to the effect that glazing has on the walls of the kiln shelf. Sometimes this kind of glaze dripping can melt and ruin the walls of the shelf. In that case, you need to use a kiln wash on the walls to prevent this from happening.

Kiln size

It is a no-brainer that the size of your shelf will depend on the size of your kiln. Make sure to have a coherent measurement of your kiln before purchasing your shelf. Kiln size depends on the kind of pottery you want to create and how you wish to set up the kiln itself. Very large kilns require an equally large area for set up, which means many modern houses cannot afford it.

Heating and cooling speed

Depending on whether you’re going for electric baking or firing of pottery or a more traditional slow method, you might want to go for a specific kind of shelf with high or low heating and cooling speed. It again depends on the material made to use on the shelf.

Manufacturer and craftsmanship

A fact that you should never overlook is that no matter what great materials or techniques or shelf advertises to have possessed, good results from it will only come if the manufacturer is good. Buy shelves of good quality build and authentic, pure materials, even if that means paying a few extra bucks to get quality products.

Shells, for instant, cannot have an uneven surface or a frame that is cracking in places. It will never give great results if it is made from low-quality metals.

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Five types of kiln shells that you must have knowledge about

There are many several different types of kiln shelves on the market. However, five are the most popular and effective in this industry. Just look at what these are and why you should choose one of them.

Cordierite Kiln Shelves

These are shares made up of magnesium aluminum silicate because they have a very low capacity to increase in size if they gain heat. It means these will heat up fast for the pottery baking process and, at the same time, will cool down quickly for you to carry on with your day.

These are usually great components for the electric kiln. Do you also have the property of warping at higher temperatures? You can use the maximum fighting temperature on these shelves at cone 8.

However, the better option would be to use them up to cone 6. Therefore, this type of shelf has a great problem with glaze dripping which means the glaze can easily melt the top surface. These shells are not good for Salt or wood firings.


High alumina Kiln Shelves

These are quite similar in feel and performance compared to the last option; however, they have a harder structure due to the higher presence of alumina. Due to this, the maximum temperature they can withstand is not cone eight but cone 11.

They do not work half as easily as the other shelf; however, they require flipping. They can also carry a heavier load. Resistant to glaze dripping due to the darker coloration, you should still apply the wash over them. Like the above shelf, these are recommended for electric and gas kilns.

Silicon carbide kiln shelves

These are made out of silicon and are, therefore, extremely lightweight. As you can probably imagine, these are new editions to pottery making and use advanced night-bonded silicon carbide for their creation. This kind of shelf will not have any problem working or glazing drippings, even after multiple firings.

These shells can withstand temperatures of up to 26000 Fahrenheit, which means they are way too comfortable with the temperatures you will conventionally be used for pottery. They are mostly used for gas soda and firing kilns.

Nitride-bonded silicon carbide shelves

These have the lowest mass of all types of shells and have a great strength property. This kind of shelf can easily reduce energy costs while working on the pot. They do not require any flipping or rotating on your part. You do not need to apply the wash over its walls as the grace dripping can be easily removed without affecting the walls.

However, sometimes cracks do occur on the thin surfaces of the night right because of the heat differences that come with pottery making. Because silicon carbide is such a great conductor of electricity, the shock risk of these shelves is always higher.

Nitride-bonded silicon carbide shelves for kilns

Corelite shelves

These are simple shelves that work better due to being made out of Corelite. It is a very well-known fact that hollow shelves work better than solid clay shelves. It is exactly where this kind of shelf comes into play.

Moreover, these shells are quite inexpensive for beginners as shelves like nitride-bonded, or oxide-bonded silicon carbide can cost twice or three times more than this shelf. They are considerably lightweight but can only be used in very beginner settings.


Even after you have decided everything about your Kiln Shelves, there comes the major act of putting this knowledge to use.

The shelf you will end up purchasing needs to be not only flawlessly made but should also come from creators who will be interested in the maintenance and repair of the product. It is a good idea to practice on a shelf, even if you are an Elite pottery maker, so you can get handy with the equipment.

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Which kind of shelf is best for high temperatures?

Oxide-bonded silicon carbide shelf is the best kind of kiln shelf for very high temperatures.

How can we prevent glaze dripping from ruining the walls of the shelf?

We can prevent glaze dripping from ruining the walls of the shelf by coating the walls with kiln wash.

Does moisture affect shelf walls?

Since we are working with clay, it is natural that we will have a lot of moisture inside the shelf. However, this moisture usually dries up as steam when the heat is applied and does not affect the walls of the shell. Shelf walls should not be painted unless special paint is used.

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