How to make a pinch pot

There are a lot of people who like to do different kinds of things in their free time and also as a hobby. They do many other things, one of them is pottery making. They do it for fun’s sake and even people who are into sculpture making and fine arts are more involved in such things.

People also prefer this as their profession; we can see many others joining them because of the increasing demand for handmade pottery. We can even see several poor people selling different kinds of pots and other things at a low price to sustain their lives.

Pinch pot making simplified

But for the people who like to do pottery and do not know anything about it, they need to first learn about a lot of things before they enter into this field or even do it for their fun. They need to know what kind of clay they can use as a beginner and as an expert. We will see everything further and you will get all your doubts cleared at the end of this. 

making pinch pot of different sizes with grace

Things that you should consider before making a pinch pot:

The type of clay that you are going to use: This is the most important thing that you need to know because this will decide the whole process that you will be following to make the pinch pot. There are several types of clay that you can use for making pinch pots and also you need to choose it according to the knowledge that you have about the clays.

The clays need to be heated and for all the heating purposes you need to know the temperature at which the clay is perfectly heated to make the pot. If you overheat the clay, it becomes weak and can break anytime and the same goes when you heat it less, it will break and all your hard work will go in vain.

So, choosing the right type of clay is the first thing that you have to do and you should always take a piece of advice from the people who are doing this as business or are experts in this field if you are a beginner.

They can perfectly guide you with the selection process and can also tell you the best place from where you can buy the clay at an affordable cost and even the quality of the clay will not be compromised.

The quality of the clay: The quality of the clay also matters a lot when you learn how to make a pinch pot from someone or by yourself because there are a lot of people who invest their money in buying low-quality clay that will be of no use.

So, checking the quality of the clay is very important and also you can buy the clay after taking an expert’s advice or even from a nice and trustworthy company. The quality of the clay will also determine the quality of the end product that you are making, so if you want the pot to last for a longer period of time, then you should buy only good quality clay.

Facilities: Facilities play an important role in learning how to make a pinch pot because you need to heat the clay and make it hard. This requires a furnace that you can use or you can also use other methods as well but under expert supervision, if you are a beginner.

These points need to be considered before you make pinch pots because, in the end, you will have to put a lot of effort into this along with patience.

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How to make a pinch pot when you are a beginner?

Making a pinch pot is an easy process. You just have to follow the steps that are mentioned here and you will be able to make a nice-looking pinch pot all by yourself. But before starting the steps, make sure you are ready to give your time to it and also the things mentioned above are taken care of.

pinch pot making process

  • Step 1– Start with all the preparations that you need for making the pinch pot and for that you have to first bring all the tools that you need to smooth the surface of the pinch pot after shaping the clay. Even bring the clay that you have bought for making the pot and you can easily get the clay you want from the stores once you decide what kind of clay you need for making the pot. You can even get all the instructions regarding the heating of the clay on the packet of the clay.
  • Step 2– Now, you have to take a small amount of clay and start molding it by adding a limited amount of water into the clay and mixing it well. The amount of water that you need for the clay is also mentioned at the back of the packet and many other instructions are also given that you have to follow. Once you have mixed all the clay that you have taken out of the packet with the water, you can move to the next step.
  • Step 3– Take a small amount of clay and start making balls depending on the size of the pinch pot that you have to make. If you are a beginner then you should start with a small pot because this will help you to understand the requirement of clay for making the pots. 
  • Step 4– Using your thumb, gently press the ball in the center and make a hollow making sure that you have enough clay left to make the base of the pinch pot.
  • Step 5– This is the time for shaping the pinch pot according to your ideas and creativeness. You can give it any shape using your hands and if you know how to use the tools then you can also use the tools according to the amount of clay that you have. 
  • Step 6– After giving the pinch pot its shape, you have to leave it for some time so that it becomes a little hard and then you can start with the smoothing process. You can use your hands for this purpose as it is always better for beginners to use fewer tools because it can even damage the pot if you make any kind of mistake while smoothing it. Use water to give it a gentle rub and start smoothing it and keep the process going on until you see the changes on the surface of the pot.
  • Step 7– The heating part is here, you have to put the pot into the furnace at the temperature that is mentioned on the packet and also according to the clay that you are using. If you want to skip this process then you have to use the clay that can be dried by keeping it under the sun but those clays are only good when you do not have to put any kind of liquid into the pot. If you are to keep the pot safe and good for keeping anything, then you have to use the clay that needs to be heated in furnaces or home based kilns .
  • Step 8– The last step that you have to do is the coloring and painting work. Do it according to your wish and finally, you have your pinch pot ready.

multi colored pinch pot good looking


Hope you got to learn the simple process to prepare your own pinch pot with steps shared above easily to make it a beautiful decoration item in your home after painting it with nice spray paint or acrylics to make it look stunning. it will help you to take your pottery hobby to next level and help you become more refined in your pottery and clay related endeavors.

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