How to get paint off laminate floor

We all love to see the place where we live neat and clean; for that, we keep cleaning the floors and other areas. Not only that but keeping the place’s hygiene is also a challenging task. In recent times, many people are putting laminate on the floors to make them look prettier and even they can clean anything easily from it.

Laminate may cost you a little more but they have a lot of advantages over other things and also makes it very easy for anyone to just rub and clean the floor. On the other hand, if you do not have any laminate on the floor and something falls over it, then it might cost you some amount or a permanent stain.

Laminate is a more sustainable option and also a one-time investment, but what if any kind of paint falls on the laminate? What are the ways through which you can clean it? This is a question that many people ask.

Ways to remove paint off the laminate floor:

There are different ways that you can use depending upon the kind of paint that you have to remove from the floor. You can just simply apply these ways and clean the laminate floor without damaging it.


But before that, you need to do some of these things to make sure that the area is completely clean from dust and other things. Just wipe the area with a cloth to remove all the particles that might scratch the surface when you are trying to remove the paint.

It can also damage the laminate when something hard is present on the paint surface that you are going to clean. you can also checkout how to remove acrylic paint from wood for clean floors and furniture in our guide on the website.

First Way- using soap

In the first way, you can use the normal soap that you use for cleaning the dish and mix it with the solution containing equal proportions of water and vinegar along with some rubbing alcohol.

You can mix everything well and then put it on the area from where you have to remove the paint and leave for a few minutes.

The water solution will remove the paint as it will again dissolve the paint, allowing it to clean and get off the laminate.

This is the most basic technique to remove the paint and it does not even require a lot of effort, anyone can do this without wasting a lot of their time.

You just have to follow the steps and make sure that you do not miss any so that you can save your time and even protect the laminate floor.

In this method, you need not have to worry about the kind of paint because you are using dish soap and vinegar that can easily remove any kind of paint.

soap vinegar for laminate cleaning

Second Way- using acetone

The second way is also easy, but the chances of failing in the first way are very less because it applies to all kinds of paints.

If you want to try the second way, you need to have acetone or you can use the nail polish remover to clean the floor.

When you put the nail polish remover or the acetone on the area that you want to clean, you need to leave it for a few minutes to make it a little soggy, so that the paint can come out easily.

You might fail sometime but you can see the progress each time you try this method. Slowly you will be able to completely remove the paint without harming the laminate and also without investing a lot of money.

This process might sound a little time-consuming and also require a little more effort, but replacing the whole laminate just because of a paint stain is never an option. You can get it done in no time if you follow the instructions carefully.

If the paint does not come out even after spending some time on this process, you can try a different method or can be a little more patient with the same process because removing the paint from the laminate without damaging it is tricky for many people.

Third way – Using the Window Cleaner having Ammonia

In the third way, you are going to use the window cleaner that contains ammonia because ammonia is good for removing a lot of compounds that are present in the paint. 

In this process also you need to follow the same instructions that you followed in the previous two ways and you also need to be very patient with everything that you are doing or are going to do. 

Here also you need to put the window cleaner on the paint stain and leave it for a few minutes. When you see it becoming a little soggy then you can gently start to rub the place with a nice brush and make sure that the brush is not damaging the laminate or the floor. 

If the process fails in the first attempt then you can try it multiple times because when the paint dries it becomes hard and removing it without damaging the laminate also becomes very hard, so you can try the process a few more times.

The chances of failing in this process are very low and when we talk about all the ways of removing the paint it might take time but you need to keep doing it till the paint comes out. Even after trying all these three ways you can not get the paint removed, try the fourth way.


Fourth Way – Paint thinner or spirits

The fourth way is tough for many people because here you have to use the chemicals that might affect you as well if the area in which you are using it is not ventilated properly. You also have to take many precautions before trying this method.

Here, you will be using the paint thinner or the spirits that can even corrode the laminate and damage it, so before applying it to the whole area, put it on a small area and check whether it will damage the laminate or not after that apply it everywhere.

There are different types of laminate available in the market and they are made up of different types of materials, so there is a possibility that these chemicals may not corrode some laminates. You can use the process on such laminates to remove the paint. 

Bonus way for clean laminates using scrapper

some people prefer using only paint scrapper and water to scrap off the dried paint on the laminate to remove it without any issue, you can also try this after buying a quality scrapper from nearby hardware store for good results and clean floors easily with less efforts.

Tip: How to remove solid stains from wood deck for neat and clean decks is shared in detailed on our site, you must read it if you like cleaning in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should we use Laminate on floors?

Laminates make it very easy for anyone to clean the floor and also help to prevent unnecessary stains, making it look clean and beautiful.

Why should we not use chemicals for removing paint?

Chemicals can be toxic to the human body and are also corrosive. They are harmful to people as well as they can damage the laminate floor within seconds.

Why should one clean the area before removing the paint?

It is necessary to clean the area first so that all the things that can scratch or damage the laminate get wiped off.

Why should we take precautions even while using normal methods?

We should always take precautions while removing the paint because it might damage the whole laminate and also leave a permanent stain.

What can be done to protect the laminate from paint stains?

You can simply cover the laminate floor when you are going to get the area painted, so even if the paint falls, it does not affect the laminate. know more about painting pressure treated wood to get good finishes and durability which can be later used anywhere in your house for different purposes.

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