How to get Play Doh slime out of clothes

Play-Doh is the ultimate playing accessory for children through boring days and the festive months. It is a plaything that motivates creativity and authenticity more than any other toy in the market. Play-Doh slime is fun and can even be made at home.

The early years of experimenting with three-dimensional modeling or sliming can encourage children to a lifelong passion for art or science with a curiosity that will take them far ahead in life.

And yet Play-Doh can be quite hard to handle for parents. Why so?

For the simple reason that Play-Doh is something that children can easily make a mess out of. Play-doh slime is very hard to clean out of clothes, curtains, rugs, and even aprons if your children use them. Sometimes, rubbing away the stains can take all day for us guardians.

play doh slime out of clothes

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How can we make this work? It is what this article is all about today.

Why is Play-Doh slime so hard to take out of clothes?

Play-Doh slime is hard to take out of clothes for two primary reasons. These reasons are highly interrelated and also make the very reason why play doh is fun in the first place.

Firstly, Play-Doh has a very deep pigmentation that does not get removed easily but however, manages to lose color in the form of staining.

Secondly, Play-Doh is made in a way that it has very high inter-special forces of attraction. It is what makes them easy to mold. It, in turn, makes them sticky and the slime doubly so.

How to prevent Play-Doh slime from getting on clothes?

However, there are many ways to ensure that we can prevent, at least to some extent, the damage caused to clothing and fabric because Play-Doh slime. These involve teaching children some simple steps.

Get kids some play gear

Get your children safe play gear, including an apron, gloves, and caps – even goggles if they require them. These will save their original clothes from the repeated damage caused due to regular pay.

Wash immediately after play

Washing hands and feet right after playing can ensure the Play-Doh does not spread to other areas when children move on to other fun activities. It also ensures they do not inhale or consume it.

Have a distinct playtime

A distinct playtime again reduces the chances of the Play-Doh slime spreading all over your house. It creates discipline among children and inspires them to be creative while being responsible.

Eight methods to get Play-Doh to slime off clothes

The most important thing to take away from the sticker is how you can remove the Play-Doh slime that has, in fact, made its way to your furniture and your children’s clothing.

How can we do so? Here we are explaining eight ways.

Scraping off dried Play-Doh

The first and best step you can possibly employ is to start by scraping off all pieces of Play-Doh pieces off of the fabric. However, we must ensure we don’t damage the fabric by using very hard or sharp tools.

Things like a plastic scale or toothpaste should instead be used to brush out the dried pieces of Play-Doh slime lightly.

Try using liquid detergent

Since we are talking about fabric, liquid detergent is the best way to remove pigmentation from clothing. Liquid detergent works best without being harsh on the surface of the fabric. However, this method will only work if you use the detergent cleaning process right after playtime.

Allowing the fabric to sit with the Play-Doh slime on it can drastically reduce the chances of liquid detergent being effective as a Play-Doh slime remover.

Using cornstarch

Cornstarch can be a lifesaver when removing Play-Doh or Play-Doh slime. When correctly used, cornstarch can sit for 5 to 10 minutes and dry out the Play-Doh slime on the fabric, no matter what.

From there on, it is only a simple process of scraping out dried Play-Doh slime as we did before. Cornstarch is also a natural product, and the more organic a brand you choose, the better results you will get without any side effects on your clothing.

Use vinegar

Vinegar has always been used to remove unwanted junk from any surface that is otherwise hard to clean. Therefore in those rare cases when the amount of Play-Doh slime is a lot and the pigment is dark, liquid detergent and cornstarch may not do the trick.

Vinegar is one of the most widely popular ways to get rid of Play-Doh slime because it can work effectively on even highly slimy versions of the Play-Doh slime.

Soaking in dish soap

Dish soap is another simple cleaning equipment found in almost every household and is used on a wide variety of items to get rid of tenacious stains. Some favorites respond very well to dish soap, while others can become rough and patchy in the area where soap is applied.

As guardians, we should ensure that our removers are not making clothing uncomfortable for youngsters. Dish soap works on play doh slime, whether homemade or bought.

Washing in a cold wash cycle for 30 minutes

A cold wash cycle is the least toxic method of cleaning out Play-Doh slime. It can be used as an additional step after applying liquid detergent or dish soap, just so you don’t have to apply it again and again.

A 30-minute cold or hot wash rinsing cycle can remove a lot of extra junk from clothing items and help clean up those tiny pieces that are too tiny to be seen.

Get a commercial stain remover.

Commercial stain removers are available in the market, both general and may specifically for Play-Doh slime pigmentation. Stain remover for fabric removes extra pigmentation and staining without dulling the fabric’s original color.

These are good for very light-colored fabrics and extremely delicate weaves. There are many affordable commercial stain removers available in nearby drug stores that you can try instead of home methods which might prove toxic for youngsters.

Repeat these cycles without damaging the fabric

Whichever method you choose to remove playdoh slime from clothing and fabric furniture, You might have to repeat the cycles again and again before you get results.

However, spacing out these methods and not using strokes in the opposite direction of the weave can save from making the clothing rough and faded in the process.

play doh slime


Removing playdough slime from clothing can actually turn out to be not that hard if we follow the correct steps.

However, it is extremely important to remember that different fabrics have different requirements and can handle different amounts of these hash chemicals, which might be required to take the Play-Doh paint off. Our main focus should always be on ensuring that fabric material does not get damaged in the cleaning process.

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Can using tools during play reduce staining due to Play-Doh?

Using tools can reduce the chances of staining from Play-Doh. However, using protective gear can be more beneficial for children, as tools can cause harm in accidental cases.

What is the best way to remove harsh staining using Play-Doh slime?

The best method for harsh staining is cleaning with commercial stain remover.

How can we ensure the fabric doesn’t discolor during the wash?

Stain removers and cold wash cycles are the least toxic methods to ensure the fabric does not discolor. Vigorous rubbing and brushing can cause tears in the fabric and fading of the color. if you want to know how to remove acrylics from clothes just like play doh then read about it here.

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