How to use a glue gun on plastic

Glue guns are a perfect tool for gluing two pieces of plastic together, some people also tend to use it for joining wood items to plastic objects together. They are so fast and effective that they have replaced contact cement. It is a popular tool for anyone who wants to use it for craft projects. One of the best things about glue guns is their versatility. It is an easy way to fix things and faster than the traditional glue stick method. Working with a glue gun is also very easy, and there are a few steps that you can follow to make the process even easier.

How Does A Glue Gun Work?

A glue gun is a hand-held hot glue gun filled with glue sticks. The glue inside the glue gun gets heated to a temperature below its evaporation point. This makes it into a liquid state easily dispensed through the nozzle. This temperature differs depending on different materials. This liquid melts when it comes in contact with plastics and then turns into an adhesive that keeps plastic parts together. It is a fast way to glue two pieces of plastic together and gives an even finish.

glue gun used to repair broken sitting plastic

How to use a glue gun on plastic?

Understand a few ways to use a glue gun on plastic below:

1. Know Which Glue Gun and Glue Stick to Use:

There is a variety of glue guns available in the market. Choose one that fits your use. A hot melt glue gun is suitable for general use. Some new models come with temperature control so that you can adjust the temperature based on the type of plastic and material you use.

2. Make sure there is no leftover glue in the nozzle :

It is imperative to make sure that there is no glue remaining in the nozzle. You can do this by heating the glue gun and running a piece of paper through the nozzle. This will remove any glue that may be present inside the nozzle. You should repeat this procedure until the nozzle is clear of any leftover glue.

3. Place a glue stick inside the chamber of the glue gun :

Place a glue stick inside the chamber. Ensure that you place it appropriately. The chamber has a cap on the back of the gun. You can open the cap by pressing the button on its back. It also connects to a safety switch.

4. Connect the cord of the glue gun to a power outlet :

Connect the cord of the glue gun to a power outlet using an extension cord. Ensure the extension cord is long enough to reach your work table. It will make your work more accessible, and you can adjust the gun conveniently.

5. Hold out for the glue to warm up :

You can now begin using the glue gun. Hold out for a minute before using it because the glue needs to warm up. It takes about a minute for the air between the glue layers to heat up and become liquid. You will know when it is ready because some melted glue is leaving the nozzle.

6. Push the trigger sparingly to let the melted glue out :

Push the trigger of the glue gun to dispense a small amount of glue. A minimal amount will dispense at first and expand into a soft ball in seconds. You can dispense more giant globs of molten glue as you push the trigger. The effect becomes a rolling-out fondant that even coats the plastic.

7. Use only the necessary amount of glue :

Always use the minimum amount of glue necessary. Too much glue can ruin the material that you are trying to glue. It can make the material too heavy and can cause it to break. It can also be annoying to clean up the sticky mess. Use a glue gun sparingly and only where you are confident you need it.

8. Leave the glue to dry :

The dispensed glue will dry in just a couple of minutes. It may be necessary to hold the pieces together until the glue sets. You can then use clamps to hold the pieces together while they dry completely. It may be necessary to sand the edges of materials once they are dry. You can use fine-grade sandpaper for this job.

9. Have a glue gun nearby for simple repairs :

You can use a glue gun to do simple repairs when you want to fix or adjust something. It is far more convenient than using a glue stick to fix things. Just glue the problem areas, and all your repair problems get solved.

10. Always keep the nozzle clean :

You must ensure that the nozzle of your glue gun remains clean and clear at all times. You can remove any waste adhesive that might have stuck on it with a pin, and a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

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Here are Some Safety Tips for Using a Glue Gun on Plastic:

safety tips for effective usage of glue

1. Always make sure that it is unplugged :

It is essential always to ensure the gun is unplugged before you do any procedure. Ensure the glue tip and trigger are not connected to the electrical cord. Keep it unplugged until you are ready to use it.

2. Never hold a hot glue gun :

A glue gun can become very hot when used for a long time. It can burn your hands when you touch or hold it for too long. You can use gloves to protect your hands from burning. Also, ensure you do not touch any part of the melted glue gun inside.

3. Avoid using a glue gun on an electric surface :

It would be best never to use a glue gun on an electric surface. This might cause damage to the cord and could get the gun shut down. Always ensure the glue gun is not plugged in before using it on an electric surface. 

4. Wear safety glasses to avoid eye injuries :

You should always wear safety glasses when using a hot glue gun. You would be shocked to see how much heat it can produce. The fumes from the melted glue can cause severe eye injuries, so it is essential to wear safety glasses until you have finished.


There are many different types of glue guns that you can use for decorating and repairing. You must use one that can withstand the temperature of a hot glue gun. The gun should stay cool when it is on for a short time, or else it will burn out. The glue gun is versatile and convenient when you want to work fast with some instant results. It has been used for ages and has proven helpful in many professions like art and crafts, industrial furniture making, leather crafting, floral craft, and costume designing.

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FAQs :

Can you use a hot glue gun on plastic?

Yes, you can use a hot glue gun on plastic. We recommend using it sparingly on plastic because it can melt through the material and ruin it. moreover it can also be used to stick different kinds of fabrics together when required for making high quality and fabulous art and craft projects.

does glue gun stick on your plastic items?

Yes, you can use a glue gun on plastic. You can make your own designs using it.

Is a hot glue gun safe for kids?

A glue gun can be very dangerous for children because there is a risk of burns with melted glue. They might also accidentally swallow some of the glue, which could lead to an emergency medical intervention. Ensure you keep safety measures in place when using a hot glue gun around children.

Why does my glue gun get hot at times?

Your hot glue gun gets hot at times because the temperature of the heat source is different from that of the room where you are using it. so you can use it for sometime then let it cool down for 5-10 minutes to regulate temperature and get your work done without any injuries and hazards.

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