How to use a HVLP spray gun

Many of us prefer to paint our space on our own. However, it requires some best skill sets to put it on the surface. HVLP spray gun is best for those who want to paint their own space. Instructions of this paint gun are pretty easy to use compared to others.

Most importantly, it is a time-saving tool because a brush may take a week to finish the entire space. But an HVLP spray gun quickly completes all the areas you want to paint.

HVLP spray gun can offer smooth finishing like silk to the surface. It is considered the best gun for straight coloring or faux metal as it works quickly. However, it can be a bit difficult for beginners. This tutorial is significant support for those finding online source material to use an HVLP spray gun.

hvlp spray gun for painting

You may start to feel overwhelmed, but there is no need for that as it will be a brief article containing all relevant information. Also, we hope that by the end of this article, you may get to know the proper usage of the HVLP spray gun.

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Steps to use HVLP Spray Gun

We bring an in-depth article for you wherein users learn the steps of using an HVLP spray gun.

  • STEP-1 (GUN)

The first step always begins with an excellent quality HVLP spray gun you decide to buy. Since there are numerous models available in the market, over the price range of $100. However, there are many other models as well that cost below $100. Typically, an HVLP spray or gravity gun comes under $15, and you can use it for a longer time by cleaning it thoroughly. Investing in an expensive HVLP spray gun can benefit you for a longer time, or you can say for several years.

Furthermore, while buying an HVLP spray gun, various models are available in the market. Some have a cup attached on top of the gun, whereas some guns have a tube attached to extract the paint from the bucket. You can choose any HVLP Spray gun based on your requirement and budget.

  • STEP-2 (AIR)

HVLP Spray gun usually requires an air compressor or air hose to attach. It creates a vacuum or air pressure within the gun to paint the surface. While buying an HVLP spray gun, read the instructions carefully along with the required air compressor, which must be attached to the gun. Many air compressors are available on demand or fall under a prohibitive range.


Before using an HVLP spray gun, it is essential to thin down the paint so that that paint will make its way into the gun and on the surface. Using water, acrylic, thinner, or latex material, you can thin the texture of the paint before pouring it into the gun.

The consistency of the paint should be similar to milk. Make sure neither paint will be too diluted or less diluted. To know more about spray paint waterproof nature check this post to get clear answer about your question.

  • STEP-4 (FAN)

A fan is required to perform your task to spread the paint thoroughly on a surface. Attach a fan with an HVLP gun which throws liquid on the surface and helps to spread it evenly. However, choose a fan size because a small surface requires small fans, whereas a large surface requires more giant fans. These fans are also known as spreaders. Remember, you are allowed to change the fan while painting a building. Adjust the fan size as per your requirements.


Now you are all set to paint a building; before that, you must prepare some adjustments beforehand. While pouring the paint into the gun, you must require a proper filter to remove all the clumps; otherwise, it will spread clogs on the walls, which look nasty once it gets dried. Moreover, there is a higher probability of your HVLP spray gun getting clogged too due to the clumps. Therefore, it is recommended to use a filter while pouring paint into the gun.

Use a gun holder to place your HVLP spray gun on your arm comfortably. Do not fill the whole cup; otherwise, the spray will be splashed out while painting a wall. Also, your arm gets quickly exhausted due to its heavy weight. Put the lid back on the cup, so it will not create any mess, and neither it ruin your work.


Irrespective of a paint’s brand, you are supposed to ensure your safety while painting a wall. Always read the instruction manual or label the paint bucket, which displays safety instructions. While spraying the paint, those minor particles may enter your lungs, eyes, skin, or respiratory system, affecting your health. Don’t try to be a tough person; it is advised to wear some safety gear beforehand. Such as:

    • Use your mask to cover the nose along with mouth
    • Wear a respiratory shield mask
    • Safety glasses to protect your eyes
    • Nitrile gloves to protect your palms and hands
    • Protective clothes to shield your skin

Before painting the walls or any other surface, you must test your HVLP spray gun. Once you are assured that it provides excellent performance, use it on the actual walls. But first, you are supposed to test it on a piece of cardboard, wood, or paper then go ahead with final painting on your desired surfaces like wood, walls, furniture etc.

You can adjust the air pressure, fan knobs, or fluid consistency with the results. This provides a better vision of whether your paint is ready to use. Moreover, a user can view the pattern offered by the paint gun.


It is the right time to spray your wall once you get satisfied with the test results. Hold the gun 5-8 feet from the surface, and it should be perpendicular to the surface. If the HVLP spray gun gets tilted a bit, it gives an uneven pattern on the wall. Thus, your hand should stay steady while painting a surface.


  • STEP- 9 (TIPS)

We have some quick tips for using an HVLP spray gun properly. Before directly spraying paint on the wall, consider testing it on a piece of paper. It removes all the boogers stuck inside the gun’s nozzle. In short, your wall does not look nasty from dried paint boogers.

While reaching the column or row of a surface, lightly pull the trigger. It helps slow the fluid from coming out from the nozzle, allowing you time to switch on another row or column.

First, spray vertically, then for final finishing, spray it horizontally. This gives perfect coverage to the surface.

Summing up

Below we have summarized the entire process of using an HVLP spray gun in a possible brief manner. With this, you would likely get the best paint coverage in your space without creating a huge mess. At the very beginning, operating an HVLP spray gun may be complicated, but then you will get used to it.

However, following these instructions is essential before jumping to the final step. Without following all those initial steps, you may get poor results on your wall, which wastes your time & money.

Yes, you are allowed to take professional’s support too. But if you are willing to paint on your own, you must follow these steps for excellent finishing on your walls.   

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Q.1 What type of HVLP spray guns are suitable for a clear coat?

Ans. Most of the HVLP spray guns are considered suitable for clear coats. However, the nozzle or needle is one of the parts that determine the clear coat of a gun. Install the nozzle inside the gun for an even paint pattern on the surface.

Q.2 Why am I not able to paint properly?

Ans. Check the tip of your HVLP spray gun and test it on a piece of paper. It occurs due to the dried paint boogers which get stuck at the nozzle. However, even if it does not work correctly, contact the spray gun seller for troubleshooting.

Q.3 What is the reason behind coarse texture paint?

Ans. It happens due to high air pressure released by the air compressor and contains less fluid, creating a coarse texture on the surface.

Q.4 Does the HVLP spray gun helps you with the coating?

Ans. Yes, HVLP spray guns coat the surface with every desired fluid. However, you must know the correct pressure of the air compressor, and fluid consistency should be uniform.

Q.5 What are the best cleaners to clean an HVLP spray gun?

Ans. The best cleaner is water or latex to clean your spray gun. However, following that, you can use thinner, oil-based mineral spirits, etc. 

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