Best type of Paint For Paper Mache 

When your paper Mache shape has dried, you will need to begin painting and enhancing it! You would have invested a lot of energy and exertion molding and making your paper Mache base. You need some good quality paints that would enhance your paper Mache base/sculpture that you have made. 

There are various kinds of paints accessible, so it very well may be challenging to sort out which one is ideal to use for your venture.

What seems to be the best quality paint to use for paper Mache art? You can involve different paints for paper Mache, including acrylic, tempera, oil, watercolor, and gouache paints. Acrylic and tempera paints are the most ideal choices, as they are water-based and non-harmful. They will give a matte completion and can be stained without any problem.


There are many paint types accessible, and the choice you choose to go with could decide different materials you want to gather or the general time your undertaking takes to dry. You’re presumably pondering – 

What is the best paint for paper Mache?

While there are many paint types you can use on paper Mache, utilizing acrylic paint is the most ideal choice. They’re simple for novices to utilize and profoundly reasonable. If, you really want to sand, prime, and seal the variety for the best outcomes.

In this article, we’ll show you all that you want to realize about painting paper Mache. 

When you comprehend the properties of the various paints you can use for paper Mache, you will actually want to conclude which paint will be best for your venture. We’ll likewise walk you through a portion of our decision, so continue to peruse to find out about the best paints for paper Mache.

The Best type of Paper Mache Paints

Paper Mache is viable with one or two paints, so you’re not excessively restricted to what you can utilize. The paints are different to work with, and they generally offer marginally various impacts once dried.

You can paint paper Mache, which can assist your task with looking really engaging. Nonetheless, you really want to set up the surface to help the paint stick and afterward seal it to the surface for the best outcomes. The means you take to do so fluctuate in view of your paint decision.

Here is all you really want to be familiar with the various paints you could use for paper Mache, to assist you with concluding which is best for your venture.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Paper Mache?

Any paint you can use on paper is great for paper Mache, including:

  • Oil paints
  • Watercolors
  • Gouache
  • Tempera paints
  • Acrylic paint

The two best paint choices for your tasks are tempera and acrylic. They’re accessible in many tones with a matte completion. They additionally stay adaptable after they dry, which assists you with abstaining from breaking or stripping. Nonetheless, acrylics have a few added benefits over tempera paints.

  1. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are awesome to use for paper mache craft items. You can get exceptionally innovative with beautiful composition procedures and different false completes while utilizing acrylic paint. Acrylic paint tones can be combined as one to shape your own shades and can be used on trendy beach bags also.

Pretty much every acrylic paint is water-based, and it is smarter to pick a water-based acrylic paint as it will work better on the paper mache, and it will be simpler to tidy up once the venture is done. It is additionally waterproof, so make a point to wash your devices appropriately after use.

In any case, being waterproof takes care of business competently with paper mache projects as it will safeguard your work from expected harm.

Fast drying, waterproof and water-based, acrylic paints are presumably the most ideal choice for paper mache. You can blend your own tones, and get very inventive with how you finish your undertaking!

acrylics on paper mache

  1. Poster paint (Tempera)

There is such a lot of that you can do with poster paint, and it is a particularly extraordinary paint to keep at home for a wide range of art projects. Poster paint is for the most part non-harmful, water-dissolvable, and exceptionally protected to utilize.

Poster paint has a good time surface that is not difficult to work with, and which makes a few lovely consequences for paper mache. It tends to be utilized in a lot of the same manner as acrylic paint yet dries quicker. Poster paint is additionally completely launderable, so you need to stress over no wrecks keeping close by for a really long time.

As it is water-solvent, poster paint can be weakened to make a water-variety style surface, or it very well may be blended in with a PVA paste to frame a polished, thick, oil-paint surface.

Combine tones as one, blend the poster paint with different mediums, and get everything rolling work of art your paper mache project and be basically as inventive as could really be expected. Best of all, you can tidy up any wrecks actually effectively subsequently with some water.

paper mache piggy banks painted

  1. Oil Paints

Oil paints are somewhat trickier to work with, however can give a few lovely outcomes. They stay wet for longer than acrylic paint, which permits you the adaptability to keep covering up a couple of days.

If you need to mix tones together, oil paints are the most ideal choice. As the oil paint dries gradually, you can undoubtedly make unobtrusive mixes, working wet-on-wet to make smooth advances in your composition.

Notwithstanding, this likewise implies that it could require very an investment to complete your task, as you would need to trust that the paint will dry before you can begin adding layers or polishing off edges. If you don’t stand by adequately lengthy, you could wind up mixing a few varieties that you never intended to really mix together.

Oil paints can assist you with accomplishing a few shocking consequences for your paper Mache project, you simply must have the persistence to trust that the paint will dry!

oil paint on paper mache craft hen

  1. Watercolor

Utilizing watercolor paints on paper Mache can give you a few superb outcomes, however you must be mindful so as not to get the paper Mache excessively wet as it would air pocket, clasp and twist. You want to seal the paper Mache surface appropriately prior to painting it with watercolor paint.

For delicate, delicate, and capricious impacts with your paper Mache, watercolor is an incredible choice. Watercolor paints are easy to use and really simple to clean. While mixing watercolor paints, try to not mix it an excessive amount to make the combination exceptionally wet. Attempt and dilute it barely enough to accomplish your desired shade.

If you need a watercolor impact on your paper Mache project, simply make sure to seal it as safely as could be expected. A wet paper Mache task won’t end up great!

water color on paper mache pumpkin

  1. Gouache

Gouache can be depicted as thicker than watercolor paint. This paint is generally utilized for banners, comics, and configuration work, however functions admirably for paper Mache projects too.

It very well may be re-wetted and weakened marginally, and it dries to a matte completion. The gouache paint becomes imbued with its paper support, giving a strong completion when dried.

This paint is best utilized on paper, which is the reason it is a particularly incredible choice for paper Mache. In any case, genuine shade variety gouache paints can be very costly.

Gouache is fit to be utilized by novices and is pardoning as it very well may be flexible for making changes. Because of its exorbitant cost, it is most likely more qualified for accomplished painters and crafters.

gouache paint on paper mache tiger face

Could You at any point Spray Paint Paper Mache?

You can likewise utilize spray paint on your paper Mache project. There are different acrylic paints in a splash can frame accessible. Notwithstanding, spray painting paper accompanies a couple of added advances.

Spray paint comes out exceptionally wet, which can make the paper flaw or twist. While shower painting paper Mache, it’s crucial for prepare before you apply the paint. Never use stain to prime paper you intend to spray paint. All things considered, use Gesso or a groundwork ideal for your paint type.

Search for a paint made for paper Mache and acrylic paints. There are a lot of acrylic-put together choices to browse with respect to the market.

Do You need to Prepare the painting Surface Before Painting the Paper Mache?

If your project has no rough surfaces or bumps, you should not set up the surface. You can paint paper Mache right away. Nonetheless, any unpleasant parts on a superficial level will appear through the paint.

A few kinds of paint likewise expect you to prepare first. For instance, spray paint might make the paper twist to wrinkle.

However, painting your paper Mache sculpture with spray is quite interesting. But you should have the flair of using spray paint correctly. It holds the wet paint back from making the paper Mache air pocket or twist. The outcome is a smooth surface for painting. Never seal the painted surface until and unless the paint is completely dry.

Paper Mache Tips

  • Paper Mache is an exceptionally chaotic specialty! Get ready by covering your work surface. Ensure you cover yourself as well as utilizing frocks or old garments.
  • Ensure your paper Mache project is totally dry before you paint and enhance it.
  • Continuously tear your paper into strips as opposed to cutting them. The torn paper scrapers cut in different shapes lays better on a creative paper Mache craft creation.
  • To assist your creation with enduring longer, seal it with stain or acrylic spray paint when you’re finished painting it.
  • For a characteristic look, utilize earthy colored paper towels for the last layer of your creation.
  • At the point when you lay the paper strips onto your project, place the strips in however many various headings as could be allowed. It will make your completed undertaking more grounded and let it keep intact better.
  • If you live in a sticky environment, gather your project utilizing paste as opposed to a flour and water combination, or take a stab at involving somewhat less water in your recipe.
  • While working with a round object, set it on top of a bowl while you are working so it stands by.
  • To eliminate the base from inside your dried undertaking, make a cut at the back and take out the material. If it’s an inflatable, you can essentially pop it. Cover the cut with one more layer of paper Mache and let it dry.
  • If you could do without the smell of your flour and water blend, have a go at adding a bit of cinnamon to improve it up. You can add any fragrant healing aroma you see as satisfying.
  • Use acrylic paints for painting dried projects like making fancy paper donuts.
  • Hued tissue paper can be stuck on to add enrichment and surface to your creation.
  • Base material thoughts: Balloons; aluminum foil (fold it shape depending on the situation); chicken wire (shape it on a case by case basis; generally utilized for enormous science projects a fountain of liquid magma); folded paper (use concealing tape to hold it set up for essential shapes); little cardboard boxes (for square or rectangular manifestations).
  • Assuming you decide to heat up your paper parts of make paper Mache mash you might find your pot spread with paper ink. Simply wipe the sides with a paper towel and some vegetable oil. When you have the ink totally relaxed simply wash with cleanser and water as you would typically.

The Bottom Line – 

Whether this is your first paper Mache task or you have been making various specialties for a really long time little fruit hangings etc., the kind of paint you use is fundamental for better results. Do not rely on buying cheap paints. They will not last long or will not give you good results. Better the quality of the paints, excellent your outcome will be.

FAQs – 

Would it be advisable for you to seal paper Mache prior to painting?

Ensure your project is totally dry before you paint and finish it. Continuously tear your paper into strips as opposed to cutting them. The torn paper pieces lays better on an art item made with paper Mache creation. To assist your creation with enduring longer, seal it with stain or acrylic fixing shower when you’re finished painting it.

Is poster paint great for paper Mache?

You can involve various paints for paper Mache, including acrylic, banner or gum based paint, oil, watercolor, and gouache paints. Acrylic and tempera paint paints are the most ideal choices, as they are water-based and non-harmful. They will give a matte completion and can be stained without any problem.

Might you at any point paint paper Mache with plastic paint?

The paint on paper Mache can be splashed, however the paint is exceptionally wet, which can twist or flaw the paper. Ensure plastic paint is oil-based to fix appropriately prior to applying one more layer of plastic paint on your activities.

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