DIY glitter fruit

Yup the holidays are OFFICIALLY here because glitter is being rocked! Although I have to admit, I LOVE glitter year round…in a “crafty way” not in a “I dress like a twelve-year-old with glitter shoes way” …just to be clear. Okay back to the sparkly holiday fruit decor DIY goodness….

To get in party mood with glitter balls hanging in your rooms you can also put some acrylic paint on nails to look cool and funky which would make you party ready and your peers will also appreciate your nail art skills.

glitter fruit diy

One day while browsing pinterest I saw this pin and fell in love. So forever ago when I was hunting around at goodwill I bought a bag of funky plastic food (meant for a child’s play kitchen) for about 50 cents and then let it sit for while…because I am lazy wanted my plastic fruit to be ripe. fabric garlands will also go well with glitter balls to make your home party theme good and more inviting for guests.

Kidding, but really since this project is so fun/easy I should have done it WAY sooner here is the step by step…

glitter fruit diy process



1. Grab your supplies…plastic fruit, glitter, modge podge, an old brush, plastic spoon/paper bowl (makes clean up way easier)

2. Mix one part modge podge with two parts glitter (tip less is more since you want just enough for your first coat)

3. Paint your mixture onto your fruit. Yes it will look like a white gluey hot mess (see above photo), this is okay… it will dry clear and you will be left with fabulous glitter goodness.

4. Let it dry…really let it dry, don’t poke it…this will take 20 or so minutes

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 and apply a second & third coat as needed (I had chunky glitter so two was good, but if you are using fancy fine glitter like say Martha Stewart’s then three might be better).

And now you can take your fruit and hang it on your tree, plop it in a fabulous bowl/vase and start your holiday decorating with some sparkle! you can also make donut crayon easily to compliment the glitter fruits for overall cool theme.

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