DIY beach bag in 10 steps

With a mini vacation on the horizon I decided a cool beach bag DIY might be just the thing to hold wet bathing suits an flip flops. To step it up a bit I went with gold duct tape instead of red, added a gusseted bottom and replaced the drawstring with rope/grommet handles. Here is how you can make your own duct tape beach bag in just ten steps…



  • Duct tape (2 colors)
  • 13 gallon white garbage bag
  • Scissors
  • 1/2″ Grommet Kit
  • 5′ of rope
  • Yard Stick
  • acrylic paints



1. Cut the garbage bag along the bottom and along one side (if your garbage bag has handles cut those off as well) to make a big garbage bag “sheet”

2. Tape down the garbage bag “sheet” to your work area

3. Draw a 20″x36″ rectangle on the sheet

4. Lay tape along the 36″ length and overlap the tape as you go

5. Cut out your rectangle

6. Fold over about 2″ of each short edge and tape them down to make the top of the bag

7. Fold the rectangle in half and tape each side to form your basic bag structure

8. Gusset the bottom of your bag by opening it, pinching the bottom sides into triangles which you fold under and tape

9. Bust out your grommet kit and follow the instructions that came with your kit to add two grommet holes to each side of your bag

10. Cut your rope in half and thread one half through the grommet holes and knot inside your bag to create a handle, repeat on the other side of the bag


While this project was fairly easy it wasn’t super fast…though it might go faster if you aren’t trying to slowly peel your tape so you don’t make loud duct tape noises which might wake your baby. That and I am a slow at grommet hammering.

If you are fan of paints then you can also apply acrylic paint on your bags and then bake them to make them stick and get a colorful beach bag easily in minutes.

some people also make patterns on the bag with rubber stamps and acrylic paint on the bag to make them cool and trendy.

Even with my shortcomings I think the bag only took an hour and a half. But hey if you are feeling like faster is better the drawstring version on internet I based mine off is fabulous too so give it try!

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