Can You Put Glitter In Candles

Adding some glitter might be a great option when you think about the beauty of candle lighting. Adding candle glitter will make your candle appear more sparkling, bright, and attractive. It’s a great idea however, can you use glitter in candles? And is the safest way to go about doing this?

The good news is that you can put glitter into candles to add a dazzling sparkle. Glitter is a fantastic method to add a different aspect to your candles. If you are using glitter, however, you must be cautious about the kind of glitter you’re using.

Fine-grained glitters are the most suitable option for candle making. When using chunky or large glitters, you run the possibility of creating a hazard for fire. The large glitter could also block with wicks, which could affect how your candle burns.

If you’re trying to find a way to enhance candle-making enjoyment, then glitter is an ideal choice. There are numerous kinds of glitters, but the best type to put for your candle is the fine one.

Why can’t we use traditional quality glitter for candles and melts of wax?

The standard quality glitter is made of toxic, polluting plastic. You’ve probably guessed that plastic is harmful because it remains in the environment for a long time and clogs the earth.

Not only this but have you burned plastic? Do you know the smell it gives off? Are you aware of the smoke glitter emits? Yeah, exactly.

Besides being dangerous to the environment, marine life, animals and even human beings just by characteristic, the burning of plastic can be extremely dangerous to our own health. It emits harmful fumes that, when breathed in, can be extremely dangerous.

Incorporating this traditional quality glitter into your candles could cause plastic to ignite and release toxic gasses that can ruin our breathing air quality in your home. In addition to being harmful to breathe, it may cause small sparks to fly out and crackle, which could cause dangers.

However, it’s still permissible to add glitter into candles. However, it must be bio-based! Find out the reasons to use biodegradable based sparkle in candles!

Can You Put Glitter In

Prefer Fine Glitter Particles For Use With Candles

There are a variety of glitter, but they aren’t all suitable for candle use. Make sure you choose your glitter carefully about size, as well as the flammability. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • The glitter shouldn’t be explosive.
  • The glitter shouldn’t release an unpleasant odor when exposed to heat or the flame.
  • Smaller glitter particles are preferred over bigger, chunkier glitters.

It is tempting to use large chunks of glitter because it’s more attractive to the eye and is distinctive from the rest of the container. However, do you realize that it can affect the efficiency of your candles?

  • Big chunks of glitter block the wick.
  • As the wax melts the pieces may sink and block the melting of the wax.
  • When the candle is burning the glitter is larger and blocks the fragrance and wax from flowing smoothly up from its bottom. This could cause lots of the wax to remain unutilized.

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What Is Glitter Made Of?

Glitter requires no introduction. It’s a show that everyone from all generations and genders loves. Manufacturers of glitter wouldn’t make many thousands of tonnes of sparkle each year without booming sales.

You’ve probably played with glitter a few times. Maybe you’re even fascinated by it. Have you ever thought about what the real meaning of glitter was?

In terms of appearance, glitter is described as shimmery and shiny particles. They can be created using lighting reflections such as neon, iridescent metallic, holographic or prismatic.

The sizes of particles vary from microscopic (0.05 millimeters) and chunky confetti (2.5 millimeters). The shape of the glitter isn’t distinct and may be geometric or have a particular cut. You’ve already known that was the case, didn’t you?

The most important question is, what is the substance of glitter? Most of the glitter you can find at craft stores is produced using plastic and paper. However, glitter can also be made from amalgamating different substances, including glass, metal mineral crystals, and some biodegradable materials.

Each one reacts differently when heated. Certain types of materials ignite and melt. Some will smoke, melt or even not react in any way.

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Why Not Use Large Glitter?

Different kinds of glitter are available in stores, and deciding the right one can be difficult. While it can be tempting to purchase glitter with bigger pieces, it could cause the poor quality of your candle.

Some reasons not to make use of large glitter include:

  • The glitter could block the wick.
  • The presence of glitter in large amounts can pose a fire hazard.
  • The glitter will sink into the bottom of your candle.

The larger glitters can block the candle’s wick. If a candle burns, wax and scent are pulled through the wick up to the top. This permits the flame to remain burning. The glitter is large and can hinder the wax from moving through the wick and the candle from burning correctly.

Large amounts of glitter could cause fire hazards for candles. It may sound absurd since the goal of burning a candle is to ignite it. When you light candles, it needs to ignite the wick. Glitter is usually made of paper. If you use this type of glitter in the candle, you risk burning more fuel than the candle’s wick.

When you pour large amounts of glitter onto the melted wax, you’ll notice that most glitter sinks toward the bottom. The glitter is much more dense than wax, so it will sink towards the bottom when it’s pushed into the wax.

Can you add your quality glitter to wax melts?

Yes, but only when it is biodegradable.

Bio glitter can be added to melts of wax since it’s non inflammable. When you melt your wax, add some bio glitter to bottom of your candle molds. your glitter would stick directly to the surface of your wax melt once it’s time to pour your hot wax into it.

Additionally, you can add colors and scents to your melts of wax. It’s the up to you, so design them your own way!

If you’ve got the correct colored candles, you may use an ice-cold jug to place it in the mold. This will ensure that the wax doesn’t cool and remain in the jug but instead freeze inside the molds however you’d like.

While your wax is cooling down, add yet another layer of bio based glitter to your molds and a layer of sparkle.

i would suggest waiting for like 24 hours to allow the wax based melts to set and become solid. Once they solidify, you can then pop them out and set them on your home stove.

When these burn out, you will experience the wonder of bio based glitter lighting your candle, and the scent you picked is awe-inspiring throughout the room.

What Kind Of Glitter Can You Put in Candles?

The glitter you can include in your candles must be non-toxic, safe and not flammable. The most effective examples are mica powder, bio glitter crystal glitter and dust. These all do amazing work and are much less likely to cause harm.

Let’s take an instant look at each:

Bio glitter

Bioglitter originates from cellulose in plants, which is renewable. It’s also not toxic, making it safe for users and the environment. Bioglitter is available in various sizes and colors. So you’re bound to find the right one for your needs.

Mica Powder

Mica powder can be described as a naturally occurring mineral that can be used in candles. It’s not the same as glitter. However, it gives the same shimmery effect. Hence, it’s an alternative to candle-related tasks.

Crushed Glass Glitter

The material used to make this glitter is very finely broken glass. It is completely safe to burn and will not cause any harm to the candle in any way. Sometimes it even has an additional coating layer to give you more sparkle. Make sure to be sure that the extra layer of coating isn’t flammable.

Shimmer Dust

Shimmer dust is created from mica powder and other ingredients that make the dust safe to use in candles. Ensuring it doesn’t block the candle’s wick is also extremely fine. However, before using it in your candles, ensure the wick is safe for burning.

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How do you add glitter to a candle?

Glue the glitter onto your candle

The first and most straightforward way to apply glitter to the candle is to apply glue. Follow these steps:

Select your candle

Taper, votive, and pillar candles are ideal for this task. However, You can use LEDs, battery operated as well as birthday cake candles. Take off the plastic wrapper of your candle, if you have one, before proceeding with this procedure.

Once you have selected the candle, apply painter’s tape to block any areas you do not want to shine. Cover the tape with areas like a spiral or a simple design.

Draw the candle

Use a wide paintbrush or a foam brush to apply two layers of glue over the candle. You can use artificial Taklon bristles instead of coarse boar bristles and soft brushes made of camel hair. Be sure not to allow the glue to dry. If you wish to use adhesives, spray them in place of the decoupage glue.

Spread the sparkle over the glue.

Make a tray or paper and use your hands or another tool to sprinkle glitter over the glue until your candle is completely coated. Make sure it is damp to allow adhesion. Once you’re done, you can pour any more glitter into the container.

Get rid of the tape.

Let the candle air dry for a few hours, then peel the tape off. Peel off the tape but don’t move it to avoid damaging the glitter. Use the dry bristles to dust off any excess glitter.

Use a gloss acrylic sealer to fix the glitter. Apply a spray-on or brush-on sealer, and allow it to dry before lighting the candle.

Can you use Polyester Glitter in Candles?

Yes, you can put Polyester glitter to decorate candles. Polyester glitter can withstand temperatures as high as 350 F. It is a well-balanced structure and blends flawlessly into the wax.

It’s not cheap, but it offers many colors and sizes. It is widely used in molds due to its high melting point.

Unfortunately, Polyester glitter is quite expensive since it is typically used for long-term projects.

Using Polyester glitter may not sit well with health-conscious/environment-conscious people. It is recommended to use organic alternatives if you wish to create 100% natural products.

Can You Add Glitter To Homemade Candles?

Yes, it is possible to use glitter in your homemade candles. But, just like candles purchased from stores, you must be cautious with the type of glitter you employ. Certain glitters are risky when they come into contact with flames. Therefore, you should only use non-toxic, safe and inflammable glitters when you make your candles.

If you are a fan of making candles at home, you are already taking advantage of the opportunity to add some elements in a few places to make the work stand out. Yes, you can add glitter to the candles you make yourself. They’ll add something new when it comes to the final appearance.

However, you should be cautious about the glitter you choose to use. Beware of cheaper glitters, as they usually comprise substances that can cause harm if burned. Also, avoid glitters that could be easily ignited. One example is the use of paper glitters. In this way, you can create a sparkling and safe candle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glitter is safe to use on candles?

It is possible to create a beautiful sparkle with just a little of your candles. It’s perfect for wax candles. Premium cosmetic quality with body safety is the definition of sparkle dust. It can be used in numerous products.

Are glitter flammable?

Glitter products may burn when heated to the appropriate temperature, especially when made of paper and plastic. Clouds of glitter and the wrong kind of glitter candles could pose additional dangers. if you want to know if paints are flammable or not the this post is for you to read now and get your answer.

Is burning glitter toxic?

The majority of glitters are made out of plastic. Toxic and hazardous smoke is produced from melted plastic as it ignites.

Can you put bio glitter in candles?  

You can utilize Bioglitter to create shimmering candles. Bioglitter is made from organic and decomposable materials, meaning it doesn’t cause harm to the environment or humans.

Bioglitter is completely free of chemicals, heavy metals or plastic. Thus, burning a candle will not cause any harm for the environment or your customers.

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