How to Get Acrylic Paint out of carpet?

Everyone likes to keep their house and office well maintained, and for that, they use different ways and things. One among them is the use of different types of carpets that are not only different in their sizes and shapes but are also different in their thickness and material.

When we talk about carpets, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the color pattern and the style that they carry with them. They can enhance the beauty of the place, and not only that, they can change the entire concept of the room. We all prefer to keep them somewhere or the other because the dust can be cleaned easily from them and they can also protect our feet.

But all the expensive things come with a risk, and the biggest threat for the carpets are sharp things and things that might leave stains on them when fallen. Protecting the carpets from pests and other insects is a different thing and protecting them from getting stained is something that can be a total mess for a lot of people.

You can keep cleaning the carpets regularly, but one mistake and everything will be ruined. Yes, you can indeed remove the stains from the carpet, but there is also a chance that you might damage it. So, taking expert advice is something that we all should prefer in the first place, but if you have some knowledge and patience, then you can try removing the stain by yourself.


Paints are the things that can completely ruin the carpet when fallen and not treated with immediate effect because they can soak in the carpet and damage it.

The damage can be so much that you can not get it repaired. But if you take proper precautions and follow some of the ways to remove the paint from the carpet, you can save it from getting damaged. We will be discussing more ways, but before that, we need to know about the paints.

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Why do different types of paints need to be removed differently?

While talking about the paints and their chemical composition, we can see that not all the paints are chemically similar, and they all have different properties with different chemicals.

Some paints can be simply removed using water and some other things, but on the other hand, you can also see the types of paints that require the use of other heavy chemicals to remove from the surface, especially when the surface is a carpet.

Removing any kind of paint from the carpet is a tricky task because one mistake can cause a lot of damage to the carpet. Here, we will be seeing the ways to remove acrylic paint from the carpet without damaging it and also without wasting a lot of your money.

Things that you should do before removing the paint from the carpet-

You need to make sure that the carpet is dust and particle free, mostly the area that you are going to clean, because if there are any kind of particles, then they might damage the carpet, or the sharp ones can even hurt you while cleaning the area. 

So, use a vacuum cleaner or a cloth to remove the dust and particles from the area. Also, try to absorb as much paint as possible in a clean white cloth or towel so that the excess paint does not get absorbed in the carpet or get hard on it. The thicker the carpet, the more the chances of it getting absorbed.

Ways to remove acrylic paint from the carpet-

First Way – Using water and a soap

In this method, you need some warm water and a soap solution. Before starting the process, make sure that the carpet is clean, and also prepare the soap solution by adding one teaspoon of soap to a cup of water. You can make the solution according to the ratio and use it till the paint is removed completely.

Now, you need to put a white towel on the area where the acrylic paint has fallen and blot the paint without rubbing the area because if you rub the area, the fibers of the carpets will get damaged, and the paint might even get inside the carpet easily. You can use the towel and apply some pressure over it but make sure that you do not move it in any direction.

Now, you can add the soap solution to the area using a spray bottle and again leave it so that you can get the paint blotted, then start doing the previous step where you put the towel over the area to remove the paint.

Keep doing this method till all the acrylic paint comes out, and be patient while doing this to protect the carpet from getting damaged.


Second Way – Using Vinegar

In this method, you will be using vinegar with warm water. First, you need to make a mixture of vinegar and water, and then you can start with the process of removing the acrylic paint from the carpet. For making the solution, use the ratio of 1:10 for vinegar and water.

Here also, you need to spray the solution on the area and blot the paint so that you can use the towel to remove the paint. Make sure that you do not spray a lot of solution on the stained area because this might also lead the carpet to soak the paint faster.

Keep repeating the process until all the paint is removed, and then use a sponge and dip it in cold water. Using the sponge, clean the area again to completely remove the stains. This process might take some time, but your carpet will be cleaned without damaging it.

Both ways need patience and time, so you need to wait for the paint to blot and also keep repeating the steps in both ways. Even then, if the paint does not get removed, try taking the help of an expert.

vinegar use for paint removal

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What removes paint from the carpet?

There are various ways that you can use to remove the paint from the market. Each way depends on the material that is used for making the carpet and the chemical composition of the paint that you want to remove from the carpet.

You can use paint thinners to remove the paints from the carpets but not on every carpet because they are strong chemicals and can damage the carpet. Similarly, vinegar, soap solution, and water can also be used together or in different ways for different paints.

Which paint remover is best?

We can not specifically say the name of one paint remover because it totally depends on the type of paint and also the place from where you have to remove the paint.

Will the paint remover damage the carpet?

There are very high chances that a strong paint remover can damage the carpet because of the chemicals that they have. But using them is the right quality, and with precaution, you can save the carpet.

What happens when paint gets off?

When the paint is completely removed from the carpet, it might leave a light stain. You can remove it using a sponge and water. Just dip the sponge in water and clean the area gently. just like carpet if you want to know more about removing acrylic paint from wood then read our post for detailed and easy to follow instructions.

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