Simple circle scarf

Ever since I decided last spring that I wouldn’t be shopping for clothing for the rest of 2012 I have been pinning DIY fashion ideas like nobody’s business. I have a backlog of cute fabric sitting around (since trips to fabric/craft stores are on my list of weaknesses) so I figured I might as well put them to good use freshening up my wardrobe!

when you would go to beach with a trendy cool round scarf and a homemade beach bag then everyone will look at you with aww as you would be looking very up and modern.


Thanks to my Pinterest Pile Up Project I have finally been inspired to sew a little something…that something being a fabulous fall circle scarf. I am definitely a BEGINNER sewer so I decided to start with a circle scarf since it only required me to sew a few straight lines.

This pin was my inspiration among other simple ideas…but since I am an impatient sewer my version is a little more “crafty”. To help with the instructions here is a little sketch…yes I drew this in less than five minutes, hah…


1. Grab a big rectangle fabric (grab something not too heavy but still cozy like a fun knit) and trim off the salvages

2. Fold your trimmed rectangle of fabric with your print facing the inside

3. Pin the sides and sew (or if you hate pinning like me then clip your fabric with bulldog clips and pop them off as you sew…yes I do not sew by the rules and no one show my mom this post I am sure it would shock her)

4. Reach through your sewn tube, grab the end and pull it into your tube so what was just at the top now matches up with the bottom (this is where my funky little drawing is supposed to help you)

5. Sew up the end you just matched up leaving 3 inches open and un-sewn

6. Pull your fabric through the opening so the print is on the outside and hand stitch your opening closed (or be like me and quickly machine stitch it closed because heck you can just fold that part under and no one will see it anyway!)

when not wearing the round scarf just hang it over your cool looking door in your room and impress your guests with the door artwork done using wash tape.

DONE! Now go enjoy your scarf while you tromp through all the pretty leaves on the sidewalk! PS…If you need some inspiration on how to rock a circle scarf here are a few ideas from pinterest (though I will not be wearing mine as a dress anytime soon as they have suggested).

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