DIY cupcake baby costume

I could not be more excited about this costume! Oh and sorry for using a bear to model it but the bear was my only option since the baby was napping when I finished it and was all excited to take photos. With Halloween just a few days away I decided to kill two birds with one stone and sew a costume for our little girl .

So for the challenge I dug up a few pins for inspiration like…this one and this one …and then I got down to business planning out how I wanted to make these ideas work based on supplies I had and my little one (she isn’t walking yet so it needed to be comfy for sitting/crawling).

cupcake baby costume

So here is the play by play if you would like to make a similar costume for your little one (or maybe yourself?) using fleece and just a little sewing (or if you are feeling anti-sewing I have given some tips at the end how to skip sewing all together).

baby costume making 

1. Pick a tank top that fits your child loosely (you need to be able to pull it over their bottom not their head) and trace it onto kraft paper

2.Cut out your pattern and then trim the neck area (keeping the piece you cut) to make the pattern match the front collar of the tank

3.Use this pattern to cut out a front

4.Tape your extra piece back onto your pattern and cut out a back piece. if you like then you can also use kid safe acrylic paint to make lovely kids friendly pattern on the dress.

5.Stitch the two sides together and sew velcro tabs at the top of each tank strap

Yay! you now have your costume base!

6.Sew three long tubes, making each one a little less tall than the last (my fabric pieces started out 36″ long and 15″, 13″ and 10″ tall but yours will be based on the size costume you are creating)

7.Stuff each tube with enough pillow stuffing so it looks fluffy but not stiff

8.Sew your tubes shut (I did this by hand)

9.Sew your largest tube to the bottom of the costume base you made (I just hand sewed mine on the sides and in the front and back)

10.Slip your medium size tube on and sew it like you did the large tube and you are done! (the third roll slips over your child’s head like a scarf so their arms can poke out)

baby costume felt bow

After the costume was put together I attached some “sprinkles” (circles I cut from felt) and then remembered I had also pinned felt bows (here) and decided to make a simpler felt bow (I ditched all the curves and just did a basic rectangle folded and glued).

NO SEW ALTERNATIVE …If you don’t feel like sewing you could easily use an existing tank top instead of making your own and simply cut the straps, glue on the velcro, use stitch witch or fabric glue to make the tubes and attach them to the tank and voila…a new sew cupcake! with your baby you can also make simple scarf for yourself to look good just like your lovely baby.

P.S. I almost forgot the “wrapper” for the cupcake…it is just a night gown I had from hand me down boxes that I added a felt border too..these are great because they keep your baby cozy under their costume.

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